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The main goals of the foundation are to collect and protect unwanted pets, provide health care for them and to find decent homes for the remainder of their lives. If there is suspicion of abuse, the goal is to report to the proper authorities and to initiate court procedures.

The foundation does not just aim to put an end to ill-treatment of an animal, it aims to raise avareness, especially in the younger generation, of the importance of responsible, disciplined and loving animal care.

Further goals are to establish a proper animal shelter with the needed facilities to care for and treat and hold animals. And with time, our aim is to create an animal cemetery, in which pets can be placed with dignity, instead of, as currently being practiced in this area, being thrown in an abandoned well.

The current practice of the animal-ambulance is transportation of injured or immobile animals, for a set fee. This, in turn, financially supports the various charitable activities of the foundation. Other than the paid transportations, the animal-ambulance naturally fills the never-ending need for urgent medical care for all sorts of stray/homeless animals.


Thank you for dedicating your time to check us out.
Now there is a chance for you to help the First Hungarian Animal Rights Foundation in its efforts to save and protect animals. In order to do proper work, naturally, the Foundation needs lots of money.

Ideally the City should fund such organisations but unfortunately our city, Dunaújváros, does not have such funds. Also, to get government or EU funding is next to impossible in Hungary these days.


We are glad to see that there are enough intellgent and good-hearted people to watch out for injured, lost or tortured animals. All we need now is for them to know that in any such case and any time they can turn to a well-managed, well-funded professional organisation.
We have the dedication, the will to work, and lots of experience behind us, but we need a little help from everyone, so we can all say we helped.
The financial help we are asking from you is very little.
All you have to do is this: when you are at your bank next time, authorise them to take every year 60 EUR off your bank account and wire it to the bank account below, which is the charity account of the First Hungarian Animal Rights Foundation.

Raiffeisen Bank
2400 Dunaújváros, Vasmu u. 39., Hungary
IBAN: HU18 12024009-00104986-00100005

We think that this amount is really insignificant compared to monthly spendings of average people, you will not even notice it missing, but this amount added up from many people will make a whole lot of difference in many animal’s lives. Also, it does not take any time as you have to go to the bank sometimes anyways.

We thank you for your donations, for this amount and for any other, smaller or bigger, generous offers.
In the name of all the generous volunteers and all the animals who need them and you, I hope we can work together Sincerely:






E.M.Á.A. - Első Magyar Állatjogi Alapítvány